7 Tips for Choosing a Lawn Cutting Service – Oakville

If you feel like cutting your lawn is a chore rather than a pleasure, you're not alone.

But a big part of maintaining a great looking turf requires that you mow and trim it properly - and on a regular basis.

If you can't keep it up on a regular, weekly schedule, or you'd simply rather leave the job for someone else to do, consider hiring a lawn care service.

Read these tips to ensure that the company you hire will do the job right.

​ 1.  Decide what you want from a service

Are you looking for help with the mowing, and hedge/shrub maintenance?

Or do you want fertilizing, weed and pest control, as well?

Make a list of the services you are thinking about and ask the companies you decide to interview.

They may also include some things that you might miss thinking about! ​

 2.   What are their methods and service philosophy?

What kind of cutting methods do they use? For example, how low do they usually cut the grass? Do they come once per week on the same day at about the same time?

Do they demonstrate a "customer comes first " attitude? An expample of this would to the willingness to be flexible enough to accomodating your custom requests. 

 3.  Take notice of their trucks and equipment. 

Beware of seeing them show up with a dilapidated truck hooked up to an unsafe trailer and old, unreliable equipment that isn't commercial grade.

On the flipside, when everything looks too new, take note.

Having all brand spanking new and shiny trucks with a flashy company logo, and all new equipment can be a red flag, too.

Just as the beat up old equipment might provide great service, the brand new, professional looking company may just be a bunch of amateurs with little experience and no real skill.

This leads into the next point.

 4.  Meet the owner or sales rep

Large companies with a lot of staff will have a rep come out to meet you. Smaller, owner operated companies will afford you the opportunity to deal directly with the boss.

Remember - a sales rep needs to get paid too. This adds to the cost of doing business for companies which are structured that way.

And a franchised company usually has to contend with paying annual fees and expenses that an independent company doesn't.

Dealing with an owner operated company can often save you money and result in better, more personalized service.

By speaking directly with the person in charge, you will get a feel for the level of service to expect.

Ask how long they've been in business, the type of equipment they use, how it's maintained and the customers they already look after in your area.

 5.   Ask around

Why not talk to your neighbors who use lawn cutting services. This is a good way to determine which companies operate in your area and to get a recommendation from a neighbor.

Or, if you are new to an area, ask the real estate agent who sold the home if they know of any reputable lawn care companies they can refer over to you.

 6.  Request an in-person estimate

Beware of companies that are willing to quote prices without first having seen your lawn and yard.

Ask about prices and what services are included.

Some companies might ask you to sign a yearly contract. Yet others will work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the customer at any time.

Understand what services the company is proposing to provide before work starts. 

 7.   You get what you pay for. Most of the time.

​Of course, there ARE exceptions to this. While you may not want to pay top, it can actually hurt more to go with the cheapest service. It's not worth a dime of your money to hire a company that provides sub-par results and/or unreliable service. 

In Summary​

​Like any other home service or significant item is going to be bought, it's important for you to do your due diligence.

Just doing a few things like checking out their website on-line, asking your neighbors, and actually speaking to the company themselves can help you to choose the right company for you.

Speaking face to face is really important.

By looking them in the eye and asking them the right questions, you will allow them to demonstrate their customer service, social etiquette and their professional knowledge.

Doing this can help you get the most for your money.

Save yourself the spent cutting and trimming the lawn. 

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