Weekly Lawn Cutting Services

Professional lawn cutting is the foundation of our business.

It's what we started with and it remains the main focus.

Because we remain focused on a select menu of services, we can offer you excellence.

  • Professional grass cutting techniques
  • Lawns are trimmed around garden beds, trees, curbs, sidewalks and other obstacles
  • All grass clippings are cleaned from walkways, driveways and patio
  • Lawn clippings are bagged and removed to prevent them from tracking into your home

Your grass will only be cut using professional equipment which is always maintained and kept sharp.

Custom Quotes are Free

Since your property is unique, we will offer you custom tailored service.

That means we will walk your property to assess what is required and speak with you confirm exactly what you want and what we recommend.

All estimates are done at no cost to you and there is no obligation to book our services.

Call for a Free Quote: 905-464-5789

We always include bagging and removal of lawn clipping with your service.  This prevents the build up of an unsightly volume of clippings that can also track into your home and make a frustrating mess.

Just think... your grass can be cut to perfection before you return home from work, giving you your evenings and weekends to relax and enjoy your yard instead of tending to it.

If you are ready to start spending your free time on the activities that you actually want to do, request an estimate today.