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Staying a Cut Above

Keep the grass cut and the grounds around your home looking spectacular this year. Call Us: 905-464-5789

Grass Cutting Services & Landscape Grooming

We are passionate about delivering awesome results. Groundskeeping for residential homes is what we do best by carefully tending to your property for both aesthetic and functional purposes. This includes cutting grass, trimming hedges, Spring & Fall clean-ups, and more. Let us know what you need...

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Lawn Cutting

Rather than arriving home to an unruly lawn at the end of your busy day, let us take care of your grass cutting for you. For many people, it's almost impossible to keep up with the kind of lawn mowing that is required to keep it looking really great and healthy. When you get our grass cutting services you will appreciate your great looking property, and enjoy more time to relax.

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Spring Yard Clean Up

It's important to properly clean up your landscape after the winter because it can have negative impact on your grounds lasting through the Spring and even Summer. Aside from improved aesthetics, your turf and delicate plants can be choked by the debris that winter often leaves behind. A proper Spring clean up prevents brown spots on grass and the loss of plants.

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Fall Yard Clean Up

Getting the right yard work done in the Autumn brings a big payoff come the Spring. Completing Fall chores is essential to preventing the look of neglect once the snow melts. Ensure your grass to green up early in the Spring with the removal of leaves and debris done thoroughly prior to winter. Cutting back plants is another essential task for your perennials to thrive.

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Custom Services

Put away your garden tools and let us take care of your landscaping chores. We can look after: Mulching, Shrub and Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Flower Bed Planting, Edging & Turning Garden Beds, Fertilizing, Topdressing, Over Seeding and Sodding. Just let us know exactly what you need and we will provide you with a tailored solution to take care of the yard work for you.

Landscape Maintenance - Some That We Take Care Of: